Reference Books

The history of Long Island from its discovery to the present time by Benjamin Franklin Thompson, 1843

The Indian place-names on Long Island and Islands adjacent, with their probable significations, William Wallace Tooker

Handbook of Federal Indian Law, c. 1945 – Felix Cohen is known as “father” of US Indian Law

Indian names of places, etc. in and on the borders of Connecticut – By James Hammond Trumbull

History of the Town of Southampton by James Truslow Adams M.A.

Encyclopedia of North American Indians by Frederick E. Hoxie

The Montaukett Indians of Eastern Long Island by John A. Strong

The Indians of Greater New York by Alanson Skinner

Chronicles of Easthampton by David Gardiner

John Ogden, the Pilgrim (1609-1682) by Jack Harpster

A Vocabulary of Mohegan-pequot by John Dyneley Prince, Frank G. Speck

Indian affairs in colonial New York: the seventeenth century by Allen W. Trelease

Indians from New York: A Genealogy Reference by Toni Jollay Prevost

Lords of the soil by Lydia A. Jocelyn, Nathan Jeffrey Cuffee

Natural History Museum Pamphlet 1909 – Information on Indian exhibits

Historical Papers of Shelter Island and its Presbyterian Church, 1899 – Contains interesting take on east-end indigenous first contact with the English, 1637

History of the Pequot War, 1638 by Lieutenant Lion Gardiner

Fascinating look into the initial English encroachment on Long Island”s east end…

Historic Long Island, 1902 by Rufus Rockwell Wilson

A History of Long Island from 1st Settlement to 1845 – see Section X, Aborigines

Crossing the Sound by Farren R. Siminoff

Naragansett Historical Register, Vol 5 – James N. Arnold, editor

Native People of Southern New England, 1500-1650 – by Kathleen J. Bragdon

Native New Yorkers – Legacy of the Algonquin People of New York by Evan T. Pritchard

Algonquin Legends by Charles Godfrey Leland

Mystic Fiasco How the Indians Won the Pequot War – by David R Wagner, Jack Dempsey – Provoking alternative account!

The Pequot War by Alfred A. Cave

History of the Indian tribes of Hudson River, 1872 by Edward Manning Ruttenber

The Indian population of New England in the 17th century – Description of LI Indians begins on page 77

John Eliot’s first Indian teacher and interpreter, Cockenoe-de-Long Island by William Wallace Tooker

History of Long island: containing an account of the discovery and Settlement, 1839 by Benjamin Franklin Thompson

Long Island: its early days and development by Eugene L. Armbruster

The Legends of Montauk’,’By J. A. Ayres, 1849 – Epic Poem about Wyandance and Montauk Indians.

Unearthing Gotham: The Archaeology of New York City by Anne-Marie E. Cantwell, Diana diZerega Wall

History of the State of New York, 1609 – 1664 by John Romeyn Brodhead, 1853

The Indians of North America in Historic Times, 1903 by Thomas, Cyrus, 1825-1910; McGee, W. J., 1853-1912

Dongan Papers pt. 2 – The English Land Patents that Judge Blackmar claimed superceded the NY and US constitutions

Colonial Documents relative to NY

Intermediate and Lower Court Decisions – New York State 1890 contains information on Dongan Patent and NY land acquisition

Silas Wood’s sketch of the town of Huntington, L.I., from 1st settlement to American revolution – by Silas Wood, originator of the mythical “13 tribes of Long Island” concept

Voyages and travels of an Indian Interpreter and Trader. 1791 by J. Long’,

An Account of the Montauk Indians, on Long Island by Samson Occum 1723-1792

The Aboriginal Races of North America by Samuel Gardiner Drake; J. W. O”Neill

Northeastern Indian lives, 1632-1816 by Robert Steven Grumet

Historic contact: Indian people and colonists in today’s northeastern United States 16th thru 18th centuries by Robert Steven Grumet

Carolina Genesis: Beyond The Color Line – Scott Withrow, editor, includes Montaukett historian Govinda Sanyal’s astonishing mtDNA marker research papers

Oyster Bay town records 1653-1878 – Town Records show land purchases from Mattinicock in 1650’s

Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664, Volume 8 – Information on the Dutch colonization of New York

The Indians of New England and New Netherland – 1912 Book claims LI was split between the Matouwac and the Sinnecox

Indian New England Before the Mayflower by Howard S. Russell

How the Indians Lost Their Land by Stuart Banner – p.66.67 covers the Montauks

Early Long Island: a colonial study by Martha Bockée Flint, 1896

Native American Wisdom’,’By Kent Nerburn, Louise Mengelkoch

Records of the town of Smithtown, Long Island, N.Y – Shows “Indian Deeds” – how colonials stole LI Indigenous land

Collateral and illustrative documents, XX-XCVIII – Contains many “Indian” deeds to lands on Long Island

Antiquities of Long Island – Includes chapter on the “Indians and Their History”

The Annals of Newtown, Queens County, New York – Journal of first settlement of Queens, James Riker Jr. 1852

A Brief Description of New York, formerly called New Netherland, 1670 by Daniel Denton, early colonist, includes “A relation of the customs of the Indians there”

The life and writings of Betsey Chamberlain: Native American mill worker by Judith A. Ranta – Portrait of Native American women’s lives in colonial New England

Uncas: First of the Mohegans by Michael Leroy Oberg – Biography of the most famous Mohegan Sachem

New England encounters: Indians and Euroamericans ca. 1600-1850 by Alden T. Vaughan – Essays focusing on Native Americans in New England

After King Philip’s War: presence and persistence in Indian New England By Colin Gordon Calloway’,’Describes how Indians adapted and survived, existing quietly on the fringes of colonial society, less visible than before but nonetheless retaining a distinct identity and heritage.

A history of Long Island: from its earliest settlement to the present time (1902) – by Peter Ross, See Ch. II, Indians and their lands, and Ch. III, Decadence of Aborigines

The Records of New Amsterdam from 1653 to 1674 – Provides insights into the early colonial mindset and their relations with indigenous people

Indian Slavery in Colonial America – Slavery Practices of the Colonial Occupiers

Changes in the Land: Indians, Colonists and the Ecology of New England – Includes interesting information on how Indian Women were treated in Colonial New England

History of the Indian Tribes of the Hudson River by Edward Manning Ruttenber

Early Native Literacies in New England: A Documentary and Critical Anthology’,’Material on Colonial New England from native historian point of view

Records of the Town of Southhampton: 1660-1717 – Includes early “treaties” supposedly signed by Montaukett

Indian Slavery in Colonial America = Information on the enslavement of New England and Long Island Indians

The Manor: Three Centuries of a Slave Plantation on Long Island – African and Native American Indian Slavery on Long Island

COCKENOE-DE-LONG ISLAND – The first Indian Interpreter

A History of the Town of East Hampton, New York by Henry P. Hedges

History of Suffolk County, New York by William S. Pelletreau

A Montauk Cemetary in Easthampton, New York by Foster H. Saville

Historical sketches of the Romer, Van Tassel and allied families, and tales of the neutral ground by Romer, John Lockwood