Reference Articles

Wampum History – Good information on the history and manufacturing of Wampum

Metoac History – an article describing the Metoac Nation of Long Island

Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act (1990)

Metoac Indian History – a reference from Handbook of American Indians, 1906

Center for Algonquin Culture – Information on Northeast Algonquian culture

Indians of Manhattan and Vicinity -1909 Natural History Museum article on Indian archaeology

Indigenous Population of Bergen County – Information about Indians living around Mahattan and vicinity

New York Timeline’,’Includes many references to Maidstone (East Hampton)

The Long Island Indians by Thomas Bayles, Typical summary of Long Island “13 Tribes” theory

Montauk-Shinnecock Treaty 1663 – Colonial coerced treaty places Shinnecock under Montauk control

Catoneras – the Long Island ‘Pocohontas’?’,’Article relating to the existence of Catoneras

Calendar of NY Colonial Manuscripts – Land Papers 1643 – 1803. Shows how colonials ‘divvied’ up Indian territory

A National Monument nobody knows about – link submitted by Wildajean Gardiner

Samson Occum and the Christian Indians of New England – Description of how Samson Occum injected Christianity into the Montaukett culture

New York State Constitution

Article on Indigenous resistance to Puritans – Wampanoag, Pequot and Naragansett resistance to English

Material History of the Montauks, a Lecture by Gaynell Stone

Land Claim Lawsuits Article (WikiPedia) – This Wikipedia article was edited for accuracy by Matouwac Research Center

The Thanksgiving Story – The truth about Thanksgiving?