New York Times Timeline

These articles from the New York Times are presented below in chronological order. They contain references to the Montauk Tribe of Indians, the land situation at the turn of the century, the infamous 1910 court case and of course the infamous Judge Abel Blackmar.

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  • August 12, 1873 – Article about Montauk Point with very disrespectful references to current status of Montaukett Link: NYT-8-12-1873
  • August 15, 1875 – Article about the “antiquities of East Hampton with demeaning references about the appearance of the Montauk Indian “Queen” Link: NYT-8-15-1875
  • September 12, 1875 – Article about Montauk Point presents Gardiner’s take on Indian History Link :NYT-9-12-1875
  • October 23, 1879 – Montaukett Territory purchased at Auction bt Arthur Benson for $151,000 Link: NYT-10-23-1879
  • September 6, 1885 – Article about a Pharaoh missing due to “foul play” Link: NYT-9-6-1885
  • August 18, 1889 – Article about Gardiner’s Island and the Gardiner family Link: NYT-8-18-1889
  • October 31, 1895 – Wyandank Pharaoh threatens to sue over land rights Link: NYT-10-31-1895
  • January 25, 1897 – NY Court Grants Montauk Indians the right to sue LIRR and others to reclaim territory Link: NYT-1-25-1897
  • February 5, 1897 – Wyandank Pharaoh granted standing to take action against LIRR Link: NYT-2-5-1897
  • June 6, 1897 – Supreme Court sets date for arguments in the demurrer of LIRR suit Link: NYT-6-6-1897
  • June 20, 1897 – Supreme Court holds demurrer hearing of LIRR suit. All Long Island tribes payed attention to result Link: NYT-6-20-1897
  • December 23, 1897 – Article reports that Montauketts want their Land Back Link: NYT-12-23-1897
  • December 31, 1898 – Article reports that Paul Ward Poosepetuck Sachem dies Link: NYT-12-31-1898
  • April 29, 1900 – Apellate Court rejects Montauk Tribe’s right to appeal dismissal of suit Link: NYT-4-29-1900
  • January 7, 1908 – Judge Blackmar’s appointment angers Democrats Link: NYT-1-7-1908
  • January 14, 1908 – NY Senate confirms Judge Blackmar’s appointment to Supreme Court Link: NYT-1-14-1908
  • October 4, 1908 – Democrats try to oppose Blackmar Nomination Link: NYT-10-4-1908
  • October 18, 1908 – Blackmar supporters fight back (successfully) Link: NYT-10-18-1908
  • October 12, 1910 – Article reports Blackmar’s infamous decision to commit Judicial genocide Link: NYT-10-12-1910
  • February 8, 1911 – Railroad buys more Montauk Territory to build a pier for shipping Link: NYT-2-8-1911