Reference Websites

Official Montaukett Indian Nation website

Montaukett Indian Nation FaceBook Page

Montaukett blog site

Official Shinnecock Indian Nation website

Official Shinnecock FaceBook page

Official Unkechaug Nation FaceBook Page

Brief Historic Overview of Matinecock tribe

Montauk & Shinnecock Indians – Long Island Indian Information according to

Native language of Americas website cites Montauk/Metoac tribe as part of Mohegan Nation

Southold Indian Museum on North Fork of Long Island

Long Island Genealogy- Colonial era articles include historical reports on Indian activities

Brooklyn Daily Eagle – Great source for historic articles on LI Indians

Pequot Museum & Research Center – great resource for researching various aspects of Eastern woodlands culture

American Indian Community HouseCommunity-based organization, mandated to improve the status of Native Americans

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues – Indigenous issues related to economic and social development, culture, the environment, education, health and human rights

American Indian News Service – Good research resource for current issues

David Martine – Native American Indian Artist – Shinnecock/Montaukett

Global Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources

Coni Dubois’ Ever Widening Circle – Very informative personal native geneology research

Indigenous Studies Portal research tool

Ancient Lights – A Collaborative Celebration of Western Heritage in Early America and Ancient Crete